Weapon Design for Warhammer

Couple of weapon design ©Games Workshop Ltd

ARAYA The City of Despair - Concept art

So finally I upload this artwork, this was part of my study and personal work, I've always wanted to do this kind of art and here it is!

A city concept I made for my very own project, fantasy near futuristic city on a parallel universe during colonialism if it’s still exist. The project itself I called "SIXTH HAVEN", I have this concept idea for backstory of game or film. I was inspired by Daniel Jose Cabrera Pena's art style, he chatted me a while ago and give me a compliment for one of work that I did for GW,  I'm satisfied and really want to make more of this.

Mobile Game Design and Mock Up

I'll explain later...

Tajna Arhipelaga Straha

This is an Illustration done for one of Edhem Tanovic books that he wrote, I painted it about year ago and now I think the books is on the market in Bosnia. I'm working on my personal project right now, its a mobile game for iOS and Android.

Star Wars TCG Illustration

Illustration I did for Star Wars TCG in 2015 copyright TM Lucasfilm, ltd. Under license to Fantasy Flight Games.
There was also a speeder concept for the books STAR WARS Age of Rebellion by FFG.
Art Director: Zoe Robinson

Tales of Rhayne Concept Art and Assets

Concept art, logo and assets I did for MMORPG called Tales of Rhayne, I also made their game user interface and web design. We were small team working online for this game, you can download the game, sign up for Alpha and see the progress of this game from our website. You can also join the forum and discuss about the game.
Visit our website here : http://torthegame.com/

Working as Freelance Artist for Games Workshop

Couple Illustration and Map I painted for Games Workshop, 2 Illustration above was a freelance test and then I got the job for making their assets, item, and map in the bellow in 2015-2016.
Images © Games Workshop Ltd. Special thanks to: Darius Hinks, Sophie Williams, Sarah, and Lynne Gardner.

One of My Making Process

This is my making process of Army of The Dead illustration, I started painted this when I'm on google hangout and I'm not always use this technique.

Queen of the Abandoned Kingdom

Personal work, paint this on my free time.


Illustration done for Luminous Tears film project and personal project, doing this on my free time and when doing hang out on google with art friend.

Luminous Tears Illustration

Luminous Tears Concept Art part 2

This was a friend's film project that I becoming part of, I created all concept art and give an art direction to 3D artist, also I've made a scratch cinematic from storyboard. I was the only 2D artist on this project so I was like cover all of their 2D artworks.

Nozomi concept art

creeping creature concept art
flying demon concept art

the entrance concept art

the bridge concept art